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Today you can bet on almost all sports. Just going to the first betting, study the offer and place a bet. Technological advances have allowed us to do it from home.

The beginnings of professional betting is linked to the horse races and England at the dawn of the nineteenth century. The English, however, organized the race much earlier. In the same century they released their first genealogy horse Stud Book, the first pair of Jockey Club opened the 1750, and the first Epsom Derby held on 7 May 1782. Residents Islands loved the horses, racing and excitement that they carry with them, so they bet regularly, but more as recreational.

Serious betting begins only around 1800, when the organization is established horse racing. Back then, it looked like this – bettor lays a bet on a horse bookmakers and waits for the end of the race. Every bookmaker according to its own rules of account payment.

This betting system was based on a small number of players and the ticket, ie the controlled payment. The risk was certainly unavoidable, especially in the event that the bookmaker relied more on their own feeling, rather than on a mathematical approach to the problem. Turnover was small then, and in this setting, players are not able to achieve big gains.

The turning point in the system of betting took place fifty years later in France, the country’s much shorter tradition of professional equestrian sport. Injustice and deceit was on all sides, and then along comes the well-known perfume mag, the owner of the Paris Olympia and Moulin Rouge founder Đosep Oler. He in 1865 conceives betting system that will simultaneously enable fair payment bookmakers and secure earnings bookmakers.

Oler has concluded that such a system requires a large number of the calculation, and is for those purposes invented a special mechanical calculator, later known as the totalizator. This secure markets quickly became popular thanks to him, the rules are finally established.

The first bets on football matches, which today we bet by far the most people in the world fell in 1921 in England, a country that is considered as the cradle of football. A decade later, in 1934, sports tickets are hired in Sweden and after the Second World War in Germany as well.

In England, it all began twenties of the twentieth century, when William Hill organized the first bets on horses at pubs in Birmingham. His job in the beginning was not exactly booming because betting was prohibited since 1850. However, Hill did not give up his job and met their legalization in 1927, he moved to London, where he continued to organize betting on horse races. Hil already in 1934 opened the first sportsbook titled “William Hill”.

In addition to betting on horse racing in the offer and put bets on football matches to be played in the territory of the United Kingdom. This move proves to be very successful and Hill soon open a branch of the companies that specializes exclusively sports betting. Resellers are springing up all over Scotland, and by the mid-twentieth century, acquired half a million loyal players.

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